School Store

Did you know we have a school store?

Looking for Laker gear? We've got you covered with our Paar-tnership! The PTC has partnered with Paar Sports to bring you this great store. And even better, the PTC gets proceeds from every item purchased! Bookmark this site, and buy from here when you need Laker gear!


What projects are the PTC involved with?

  • Direct donation drive

  • Restaurant nights

  • Butter Braid Sales

How have students benefited?

In addition to providing student and family-friendly activities, the PTC has been able to purchase and/or provide:

  • New playground equipment

  • Spring Fling

  • Field Trips

  • Meals for teachers during conferences

  • Teacher appreciation week

  • Balls for the playground

  • Incubators for Kindergarteners

  • Classroom supplies for teachers

  • Display materials for the office

  • Outdoor easel

  • Art supplies for the art room

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